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Jury Nullification and People's Grand Jury - The Power to End Dictatorship is in Your Hands

The startling truth about your Constitutional and lawful power to end runaway government dictatorship. It is in your hands - legally, and right now. Help educate others with this priceless free package. [ZIP file in "Whole Item" below.]

You, as a individual, have both the power and the responsibility, to strike down unjust and unconstitutional (i.e. illegal) laws.

Representative Alan Grayson Investigates The Federal Reserve

The American Federal Empire - 'Change is on the Horizon'

The Declaration of Independence and Your Complete Constitution - With Easy Guide to Public Enforcement

Can The States Secede from a Corrupted Union? - Yes We Can! - Ron Paul, Alex Jones, et al

Alan Keyes on Obama - A Radical Communist Who Will Destroy America

Shocking Real History - The CHANGE Your Founders Believed In

The American Dream Film - Full Length

Audio/Visual sound, color


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